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Urban Arrow

$6,999.99 - $7,999.99
Meet the newest member of your tribe, the new 2024 Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike. One that takes you and your children wherever you want to go. No more worries about your busy schedule, kids needing to be places, fetching groceries, or shopping trips. Zip through the city effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to the woods or the beach. One ride and you’ll be hooked! The lowered children’s seating position makes for an overall lower center of gravity. This has a positive effect on the way in which the Family adheres to the road. A sturdy and adjustable three-point belt provides safety during the ride. And the expanded polypropylene (EPP) box protects your most precious cargo all around. Urban Arrow Family takes you and your children wherever you want to go. No more worries about your busy schedule, kids needing to be picked up or dropped off, fetching groceries or shopping trips. Zip through the city effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to the woods or the beach. One ride–and you’ll be hooked.
Double the juice, triple the pleasure. You can equip your bike with not just one, but two batteries. To do so you’ll need to install the Dual Battery kit and obtain a second battery separately. This set-up will give you twice the range and guarantee you more staying power.
With our Dutch heritage, we are definitely no stranger to weeks in which the weather gods seem to take a special kind of joy in stringing together those rainy days. An increasing number of people, however, are adopting the Urban Arrow Family as their primary mode of sustainable transport. With those people moving through their local environment on a cargo bike year ‘round, the need for a Raincover to shelter their precious cargo becomes almost self-evident. Taking into account your feedback we set out to develop the Raincover PLUS. FEATURES: The front of the unit allows for a significant amount of clearance for those riding on the optional extra bench in the front. If your little ones are too young to sit on the bench by themselves, no worries. The Raincover PLUS offers a generous amount of room for mounting a Maxi-Cosi seat in the front instead. That way you can even bring your youngest on all your trips. After the eye-catching height adjustment, the second thing you will notice is the transparency of the new Raincover PLUS. The side and front windows are significantly larger and the added window on top allows for a much-improved view of whatever is going on inside the box as well as on what’s on the road ahead of you. Both sides of the Raincover PLUS can be unzipped, rolled up and intuitively secured in place with a simple, yet elegant system of elastic bands and hooks. On the not so sunny and often windy days this system makes it easy to keep the doors open and load and unload your cargo. A reflective strip wraps around both sides and the front of the unit to provide increased visibility during darker days and nights. We all know traveling with kids can be a handful. The Raincover PLUS has two integrated pockets facing the rider. These enable you to store the traveling essentials for your family within arms’ reach and focus on enjoying the ride. More interior space The retractable side windows make it useful in warm weather too Quick entry by using the zip fastenings on the side Ample space for positioning a Maxi Cosi or third child on an extra seat Two compartments and openings for cable lock at the back
The Urban Arrow Sun Cover is a specially designed accessory to provide sun protection for your children when riding in the cargo box. With its built-in SPF-50 UV-protective layer, it shields your little ones from harmful sun rays during your bike rides. This accessory features a two-part design, allowing you to open one part for improved airflow on hot days, ensuring a comfortable and breezy environment inside the cargo box. The Sun Cover is a great addition to your Urban Arrow bike, offering peace of mind and sun safety for your children. Benefits: Sun protection: The Sun Cover’s SPF-50 UV-protective layer safeguards your children from the sun’s harmful rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and sun-related skin damage. Adjustable airflow: The two-part design of the Sun Cover allows you to open one part, promoting better airflow inside the cargo box. It helps keep your children cool and comfortable, especially on hot and sunny days. Easy installation: The Sun Cover is designed to be easily attached and detached from the cargo box, providing convenient usage and flexibility based on your needs.
The safest way to bring your youngest of passengers along with you on your Urban Arrow Family. The Maxi Cosi Adapter attaches to the bottom of the Family for a secure fit, and also includes some extra suspension to just make things extra awesome during your travels.
Use the Extra Bench to bring your kids along (and maybe even their friend). The Extra Bench has a flip-up mechanism that is held in place by the seat belt. If you need the box space for groceries you can open the belt and the seat will fold up to free up some extra space.
The Bike Parka is designed to keep your Urban Arrow Family protected from the elements when parked outside. When not in use the Parka folds up into a neat little pouch for storage.
The Urban Arrow Box Cover is a practical accessory that keeps your bike’s cargo box protected and clean when not in use. Designed to shield against rain and debris, the cover ensures that your cargo box remains dry and free from unwanted elements. Benefits: Weather protection: The box cover provides reliable protection against rain, preventing water from seeping into the cargo box and potentially damaging its contents. It helps keep your cargo dry and ready for transportation. Debris prevention: By covering the box, the accessory effectively shields it from dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris that can accumulate and make the cargo box dirty or require frequent cleaning. It helps maintain a clean and tidy storage space. Easy storage: When you’re not using your bike, the box cover can be conveniently folded and stored, taking up minimal space. It is lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for hassle-free storage and quick deployment whenever needed.
The Boxcover for the Urban Arrow Family will keep your groceries dry. The Box Cover is also designed to be rolled forward to give your kiddos weather protection from the waist down.
The Urban Arrow Luggage Net is a practical accessory designed to secure your belongings in the cargo box of your bike. Whether you’re carrying a chain lock, small items, or anything else you’d prefer to keep from rattling around, this net provides a convenient solution. The net easily attaches to the bottom plate and the side of the cargo box, keeping your items securely in place during your ride. It helps to prevent shifting and movement, ensuring that your belongings stay organized and protected throughout your journey.
This adapter allows you to attach a wide selection of child seats to the bottom of the box, so that your child can ride comfortably and is well protected.
The floor mat for the Urban Arrow, Family. This mat keeps loose items in place while you ride, also it protects the bottom from scratches and other damage.
The Urban Arrow Bidon Rail Mount will allow you to mount water bottle cage just below the handlebars on your Urban Arrow. It is designed to slide into the rail on 2019+ UA Cargo Bikes.
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